Sunday, August 25 at 12:30pm-1pm

Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall Located In:

Marcus Performing Arts Center, 929 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Please enter through the doors behind the Marcus Center to find Vogel Hall and the ticket booth.

tickets:  http://mkefringe.com/tickets/


"SYNAPSE, an artistic impulse" is a 30 minute work that knits 3 premiere pieces together into one. It opens with a solo for Catey Ott Thompson called "Yesterday's Tomorrow" followed by a new trio and quartet titled  "Train of Thought" and "Future Letter to My Love."  The emotional tone of the solo begins in a reflective and pensive light to describe the feelings that surround change and the resistance to change, but then shifts to a more up-beat rhythm, offering up the concepts of acceptance, moving forward, and staying fluid and strong through life. "Train of Thought" is a quartet for Natasha Posey, Sarah Chomeau,  Rebecca Johnson and Ott Thompson that explores the synapses and artistic impulses of the brain and nervous system, moving in and out of gray matter, electric currents, and synchronicity. "Future Letter to My Love"  is a trio for Posey, Chomeau, and Johnson that revolves around the idea that there are memories and personal stories in each of our minds that we would like to share with a loved ones someday, but now is not yet the right moment. The dance piece is based on images and emotions based on the letters that each of the dancers wrote to a loved one. The music for this concert was composed by Randall Woolf and the set was designed by visual artist Meghan McKale.



Saturday, September 28 at 11:45am-1:15pm

Quasimondo Physical Theatre North Milwaukee Arthaus  

5151 N 35th St, Milwaukee, WI 53209    



Catey Ott Dance Collective will be holding an open rehearsal/showing within this timeslot.  It will consist of a run of "SYNAPSE, an artistic impulse" that premiered at MKE Fringe Festival 2019, followed by a structured improvisation based on art work that is currently on display in the gallery at Marquette University's Haggerty Museum of Art.   These abstract yet emotionally driven dances consist of movement inspired by stories, poetry, imagery, and internal dialogues. The performers include Natasha Posey, Sarah Chomeau, Rebecca Johnson, and Catey Ott Thompson.






Sunday, September 29  at 1pm-2pm

Marquette University  Haggerty Museum of Art   

1234 W Tory Hill St, Milwaukee, WI 53233



This hour-long event includes a run of Catey Ott Dance Collective's "SYNAPSE, an artistic impulse" that premiered at  MKE Fringe Festival 2019 featuring a solo entitled "Yesterday's Tomorrow"  for Ott Thompson, a trio called "Train of Thought"  and a quartet called "Future Letter to My Love." A structured improvisation will follow, inspired by the stories, poetry, imagery, and internal dialogues expressed in the art work on display at the Haggerty Museum of Art.  The performers include Natasha Posey, Sarah Chomeau, Rebecca Johnson, and Catey Ott Thompson.





Sunday, December 1 at 2pm-3pm

Haggerty Museum of Art

1234 W Tory Hill St, Milwaukee, WI 53233



This deconstructed art exhibition by Heidi Latsky Dance, under the direction of Catey Ott Thompson, features fifteen Milwaukee residents, representing professional and non-professional performers of all body types, ages, and abilities/disabilities in a meditative, internal movement instillation.  




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